Guest-edited journals

2014    Science, New Worlds and the Classical Tradition, 1450-1850, special double issue, Journal of Early Modern History, 18:1-2.

2012    Encounters, Ethnography and Ethnology: Continuities and Ruptures, special issue, History and Anthropology, 23:2, co-edited with Neil L. Whitehead.


Articles in peer-reviewed journals

2014    ‘Science, New Worlds and the Classical Tradition: An Introduction’, Journal of Early Modern History, 18:1, 1-13.

2012    ‘Depictions of Brazilians on French Maps, 1542-1555’, The Historical Journal, 55:2, 217-48.

2012    ‘The Wondrous East in the Renaissance Geographical Imagination: Marco Polo, Fra Mauro and Giovanni Battista Ramusio’, History and Anthropology, 23:2, 215-34.

2012    ‘From Maps to Mummy-Curses: Rethinking Encounters, Ethnography and Ethnology’ (with Neil L. Whitehead), History and Anthropology, 23:2, 173-82.

2011    ‘America and Amerindians in Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographiae universalis libri VI,  1550’, Renaissance Studies, 25:3, 351-73.

2003    ‘The Navigational Iconography of Diogo Ribeiro’s 1529 Vatican Planisphere’,
            Imago Mundi: The International Journal for the History of Cartography, 55, 103-112.

2001    ‘Agency and Awareness in Cross-Cultural Encounters’, Terrae Incognitae: Journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries, 34, 1-16.

Chapters in edited books

2012    ‘The Unlucky, the Bad and the Ugly: Categories of Monstrosity from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment’, Ashgate Research Companion to Monsters and the Monstrous, ed. Asa Simon Mittman with Peter Dendle (Farnham & Burlington, VT), 49-75.

2012    ‘L’Iconographie des nouveau mondes’, transl. Laurent Bury, in L’âge d’or des cartes marines - Quand l’Europe découvrait le monde, ed. C. Hofmann et al. (Paris), 160-71.